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Question by  Lucrece (11)

How can I find out who owns that house?

The house is a few doors down from me and no one has taken care of it and it is a mess.


Answer by  clvincent11 (28)

You can call your County Courthouse and have the Clerk and Recorder or the Assessor's office search the property address to determine the name of the home owner and their mailing address.


Answer by  MaryL (117)

Many county now have property tax records available on line. You can google the we site by typing in key words like the name of your county and assessors or property tax. Once you have the site located you just type in the address you are looking for.


Answer by  BlueSlug (47)

One way to determine the ownership of a parcel of property is to visit the website of the assessor for your county, and navigate to the property tax payment page. Enter the address of the property you're interested in, and you may be given the name(s) of the owner(s) (this varies from county to county).


Answer by  jths81367 (12)

If you contact the county recorder of deeds, they should be able to look up the property by address. They will usually have real estate tax records as well.


Answer by  cdk (42)

Many counties maintain property tax websites containing this information. Search your web browser for the tax collector in your county, or call the local building code enforcement office.


Answer by  Debra (105)

To find out the owner of a particular house, visit the website for the county property appraiser. You can search by address to find the owner's name.

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