Question by  sixinthenw (36)

How can I find out where my ancestors came from?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Start with your parents. Get their birth certificates, which will have the names and birthplaces of their parents. Then get your grandparents birth certificates to learn the origin of their parents. Keep doing this until you can't go back any farther. The Mormon Church has the best geneaology resource library in the world and it is free for all.


Answer by  AmirLuskySmallCock (160)

There are a lot of genealogy web sites out there. Go to a search engine, look one up, and you can pay for that information. The mormons are in possession of a lot of it actually.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

There are some pretty cool genetic tests you can take if you have no clue at all what your background may be. Go to a search engine online and enter something like "home test kit, genetic ancestry" or something.


Answer by  sillysmiles (11)

First, try to ask family members for names and other information. Once you have a good starting point, you could try to google your surname and you could look up public records online. Also, there are dozens of websites that was created just for this reason.

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