Question by  Nidhi (20)

How can I find out the ethnicity of last names?


Answer by  sue123 (375)

This is rather easy to do. You can find the information that you are looking by simply using any search engine, i.e. Google, and typing in "Ethnicity of last names".


Answer by  keelagodrino (57)

the relatives of the family of the name may be able to assist in finding the ethnicity of it, but, lacking that, official records could help you track down the origin of a name, Immigration records would be best. for a faster less researched method you can always google it.


Answer by  Nycherub (47)

Your best bet is to research a name through a field of study that is referred to as name etymology. This will give you a background on the national origin of a name, and often tells you the meaning and history behind it as well. You can research online or at a local library.


Answer by  meisterkrapfen (24)

first of all u have to make sure that the spelling of your last name is correct. many last names-specially german last names are written differently in american/english. for example 'mueller'-but in german it is 'müller'. than there are a few online pages u can do research. good luck!


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

You can very simply find last name ethnicities by quick online searches. There are many websites dedicated to the history of names and their origins. This is the best way to find ethnicity of names.


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

You can put the last name into an internet search for names and meanings. Usually you can find the meanings and ethnicities of last names just as you can with first names.


Answer by  shannongraham (1)

whats the ethnicity for graham

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