Question by  Vigneshwar (17)

Where can I find a list of goddess names?

I think I would like to use one for a baby name.


Answer by  Gregor (36)

The easiest way would be Wikipedia. Here you could find a list of goddess names and, more importantly, you could read about their story - you should do that, as it can prevent you to choose a name which sounds good but has a morbid meaning.)


Answer by  Candace (159)

that place you could look for goddess name are in baby name books go to a book store and some books have a goddess name section in the book. You could Google it on the internet that would be the best way because I found some when I goggled it.


Answer by  flower2 (143)

You could probably just type "goddess names" into a search engine, such as yahoo or google, or look in Wikipedia for a list of names, as well as the different things that the goddesses represent. Also when searching, you will have to remember that there are different goddesses, such as Roman or Norse.

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