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Question by  zoid (49)

How can I estimate the cost to add a porch?


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

You could have a contractor come and take a look to see how much it would cost. You could also look up plans and figure the costs yourself.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

First of all you have to figure out what you need for it how much of each thing and then go to the stores and price these things come home figure up the total purchase price of each thing you need add them together then add in the cost of having it done you have your total.


Answer by  rios478gmailcom (11)

We need to see the type of house you have. We need to check the structure of your house make sure it is okay to add a porch. We would have to take measurements to get materials. Select what type of materials you want pressure treated, mohagany


Answer by  mpelle (343)

estimate how long the deck has to be, and how many boards of plywood are needed to fit the square footage, find the price per board and then estimate.

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