Question by  sahil (15)

What is the estimated cost to replace a furnace?

I need to replace my furnace.


Answer by  MaryL (117)

Depends on where you live. I replace mine for just under $2000 here in the midwest. You might be able to repair for less.


Answer by  hulshm (24)

A typical install on a mid-efficiency forced-air furnace is in the range of 1600-2600 dollars depending on variables with the install. A high efficiency furnace is typically in the range or 2600-3600 dollars, again, depending on variables involved with the install.


Answer by  pandi68 (35)

I would think that would depend on a few different things. First of all would be the age of the furnace, the square footage of the house, and finally the options available on todays furnaces. Many available today have options for air conditioning and for filtering your house for allergies.


Answer by  WendyB (43)

First you have to pull the old funace out so you can take it to the dump. You may be able to get a metal recycler to take it. The estimted cost of replacing a furnace is about $1200, and that's if you do the work yourself.


Answer by  McGaff (22)

If you are just replacing the furnace in an existing home, probably around $2,000-$2,500 for material and labor. The price will be affected by geographic location, any extenuating circumstances and any upgrades you make in technology. These are based in the Midwest.

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