Question by  babybean (12)

How can I drive deer away from the house?


Answer by  carol (1241)

That is a difficult task to accomplish. I live in the country and have herds of deer in my yard. I have tried every trick there is with limited success. The most effective has been a commercial spray picked up at Lowe's called Deer Off. The deer love my plants and flowers. Good luck!


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Well if you live in a forest area it's gonna be really hard. Why not place ammonia near by that may help.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

One method is to buy deer repellent from hunting or outdoors stores. You could also try urinating around your house as a deer deterrent. Some people have also said human hair clippings can drive deer away.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

Deer don't naturally gravitate toward human habitation, something is bringing them there. Is your house the only windbreak for miles? How about what you are using for landscape? The best way is to find what's attracting them and get rid of it.


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

A great thing I found working is, disgusting as it sounds, animal pee. We used to use fox pee to get rid of groundhogs that were destroying our plants. I am sure you can get something like that, but it runs expensive.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

You can purchase different products online that will solve the problem. Critter Chaser Repellent Strips are environmentally-friendly strips you hang on plants and trees. Repellent such as Deer-Off or Plantskydd can be used as well as garlic, a natural repellent that drives them away. As a last resort, netting or deer fencing can be utilized as prevention.

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