Question by  sundarbabu2 (10)

How can I do a lower body workout without equipment?

I cannot afford any workout equipment.


Answer by  Jonathan74 (92)

You can work out your legs by performing lunges or squats. If you need a challenge you can fill to used gallon milk jugs with water and use them as weights.


Answer by  barkley (951)

Exercises for the lower body include lunges, squats, sit ups, ab crunches, leg lifts, side lunges, going up and down a stair case, etc.


Answer by  worker3126 (65)

A good lower body workout is to do standing squats. With your arms parallel to the floor out in front of you, bend your knees.


Answer by  mhbat (217)

A great way to get a lower body workout is to simply walk, or run, around your neighborhood or local park. There are many workouts that can be found online for leg lifts and other calisthenics that use no equipment.


Answer by  Matt83 (112)

Start off with streches. Also, lean on a wall and squat to the sitting position. Leg lifts help your legs.

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