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Question by  marinewife (19)

How can I do a hard reset on a Sharp Aquos?


Answer by  Bayarts (470)

First, unplug the TV for about 12 seconds. Next, depress the power button on the TV itself. After that, plug in the TV while still depressing the power button. After 12 seconds, release the power button. Turn TV back on. It should now return to the factory default settings.

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Answer by  RandomDan (489)

There is normally a reset button (in a pin hole) near the power plug. You will usually need a paperclip or push-pin. Simply unplug the Aquos and hold the reset button down for thirty seconds.

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There is no reset button any where. I have an Aquos LC-40E67UN. The power light flashes red, but If I hold the vol - and input, it powers on then the picture disapears and I can't do anything. Is it a firmware problem?  add a comment

Answer by  zackf (105)

Around the back you should be able to find a factory reset button. Hold this down while turning the TV on. If this fails to work, completely unplug the TV for 24 hours. Then, plug it back in. This should reset most problems with picture caused by hardware failure in your Sharp Aquos TV.


Answer by  NerdyTech (137)

You can find a very little hole in the back, usually near the power plug. It has to be pushed using a paper clip: just insert it inside the hole and keep it pushed for a bunch of seconds.


Answer by  pharkus (22)

The Sharp Aquos televisions have a SYSTEM RESET button on the bottom, next to the three coax inputs. You need to press it with a paper clip.


Answer by  NobodysHome (385)

The Sharp Aquos has had a great number of reliability issues, according to the online buzz. A firmware update is available that you may be able to find through Sharp's website; however, it's also possible that inserting a straightened paperclip into a slot on it which is designed to trigger a hard reset will do the trick.


Answer by  Anonymous

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