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Question by  JessicaGreer (23)

How can I build a quonset hut or underground home?

I want to be prepared for anything.


Answer by  chippsch (37)

Building a quonset hut requires a foundation and metal strips that form the structure. Building plans and kits are available for purchase. Underground homes can be totally underground or built above ground and then covered with earth. Housing materials can include straw, mud, wood, metal, et al. Many resources are availabe in print and electronically.


Answer by  jamespence (22)

An underground home can be built with all of the accomadations of an obove ground house. The key to making it work is all in the filtration systems. The first thing you need to consider is how you will get fresh air and water to the house. Electricity is another important factor. Then there's the exhaust to deal with.


Answer by  Anonymous

concept: a stressed skin frameless gothic arch type quanset hut made of two layers of 1/2 in osb glued with exterior wood glue and screwed together with 50% lap making a wall 1 in thick. A roof purlin 4x4 and a grade beam of 4x4 set in deck pier bracket.


Answer by  willit08 (4)

You should start by digging into the ground with a sharp shovel. Make sure you pat the dirt for the tunnel walls and make them stick good.


Answer by  jajg2626 (104)

Well you just need to get a contracter because it's not easy. You might run into issues with the electrical wiring plumbing as well. Thus, you should be able to get a contracter and have him build for you the basic plan of the house. This will help you very much.

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