Question by  Annie59 (101)

How can I become more mature?


Answer by  NutBucket (140)

Get a job or volunteer doing something hard. Pay your own rent and take charge of your finances. Treat other's with respect and think about what it is like to be them when you interact with them. Keep a to-do list and set goals for your life.


Answer by  Keith (130)

You become mature naturally and with a growing sense of self awareness. Reading newspapers and current events will help you become aware of the world around you. Listening to people without interuption will also help you become aware of the needs of others.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

You probably already know what you should be doing. It's likely you are having a hard time making yourself do things you don't want to do. Today, do one thing that is mature. Maybe tomorrow you can do two.


Answer by  Ana (28)

In which way? You a...Procrastinator? Cheater? Slob? Bully? ... Inconsiderate? Boring? Quiet? Uninformed? Is your issue about sagacity, spirituality, behavior, awareness, cleanliness, concentration, willpower? Consult, respectively: libraries, spiritual texts, your thoughts in each moment, a makeover guide that doesn't kill your self-esteem, and the Getting Things Done strategy.

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