Question by  Vida (48)

How big is an iguana at one year old?

We just got a baby iguana.


Answer by  worker5031 (70)

They are usually between 20 to 27 inchs from snout to tail if they are properly cared for. A proper diet, cage size and proper tempatures is a big factor in their grwoth.


Answer by  worker7162 (166)

an iguana at one year old should be having 8-9 inc snout vent length, 20-27 inc snout tail length and 1-1. 5 lbs weight. female iguana may be smaller than male.


Answer by  LuxFlowz (69)

There is no definite answer just as human sizes vary at one year of age, but a typical one year old iguana is between one and three feet long.


Answer by  Janette (46)

A healthy iguana at this age should be between twenty to twenty-seven inches, snout to tail. Females are normally smaller than males. Temperature and diet effect growth size, so if your iguana is under this size, please check the climate in your tank and make sure it is accurate.


Answer by  Lavieboheme (177)

At one year old an iguana is usually about twenty to twenty-seven inches long and weight about one to one and half pounds.


Answer by  enkidu87 (130)

They can be as small as your hand, perhaps a foot in length, but keep in mind that iguanas will grow very rapidly in their first three years of life.

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