Question by  Imagirl (12)

Have you had any problems with a 1998 Stratus?


Answer by  Scott45 (34)

There have been problems with the front end CV joints, transmission failures and rust along the front edge of the hood. Also problems when the car will run a few seconds and quit related to the anti-theft system, the fuel pump or possibly the mass air flow sensor which can make it run rich.


Answer by  hootisj (41)

On a personal level no I have not had any serious or even intermittent problems with the 98' Dodge Stratus. Though there have been a number of recalls which range from the fuel pump to the park/neutral start switch. If your looking to acquire one I suggest getting a copy of the recall info and fixing the issues.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The only problem I had with my Stratus was the fuel pump. It was not a big deal until I went to find it and it is in the gas tank.


Answer by  Serdar (11)

problems with oil leaks blown head gasket, valve cover gasket leaking, wearing tires, strut problems, water leaking, changed time belt 2x.


Answer by  Ben3889 (178)

No I have not from what I can tell they are very reliable.My ex-girlfriend had one and It never had any problems.

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