Question by  smoore (30)

Have you ever stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

We have 3 kids and are considering staying there.


Answer by  Joe3737 (89)

Yes , and it was terrific. You can see animals from your room window , there's a pool , and an arcade. The kids will love it.


Answer by  vfisher (345)

As a travel enthusiast, I have not yet enjoyed accomodations at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. From the website and the reviews, it sounds like an amazing lodge. The property is located within 43 acres of a wildlife preserve. Everyone can experience up-close animal encounters. Also, there are many activities for the whole family.


Answer by  Satie (85)

I haven't stayed there myself, but I had friends visit the Sanaa restaurant for a meal. They suggested to make a reservation around 5:30 pm in June (or around late-afternoon whenever that is when you plan to visit Disney). The animals on the Savannah are very active then!


Answer by  Jenjen (30)

Any Disney resort is worth staying at, makes the experience so much better. AK lodge is great because it is affordable, and still have similar amenities as the pricey resorts.

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