Question by  crookedneck (33)

Have you been happy with Olin Mills pictures?

I need a recommendation.


Answer by  GirlUnknown (60)

No, I was not happy with the photos taken at Olin Mills. Not only did they rush me through my scheduled time, the woman doing the photos seemed agitated and flustered. The photos were terrible as you could see my frustration. A good photographer doesn't make you feel like an inconvenience.


Answer by  belle39 (966)

Olin Mills produces great pictures. When I was in elementary and high school, all of my pictures were taken by them, and the pictures I had were clear and flawless.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

Olin Mills studio has been in business since 1932. The studio is well known for family portraits and baby pictures, and many times offer discounts and specials.


Answer by  AlexandriaPowell (5)

These pictures are good. They have fantastic qualities and showcase the beauty of people. Most of them are at a good angle, also.

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