Question by  davidg (23)

Does grout sealer enhancer work?


Answer by  FishGal88 (351)

Grout sealer enhancer does work. If you lay a thin layer of it over your grout lines, you'll be sure to give yourself less maintenance in the long run.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

Grout sealer enhancers do definitely work. The use of sealer enhancers on grout not only brings out the color of the grout but it also helps the grout avoid discoloration. Grout sealer enhancers may not work as well on certain grout colors, but will enhance usually any color it is used on.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Depending on the brand it will have different results. Most will simply make the grout appear darker. So if this is what you are looking for you should try it.


Answer by  joeinphilly (388)

Grout is porous and thus the need for sealer, to keep liquid out. Use the brush on type sealer, 2 coats should be applied an only on glazed tile since glazing is the process of sealing the tile.


Answer by  Deb43 (579)

No, I've tried several different brands on my tiled kitchen counter and none of them have held up to the test of time. Perhaps, it is the moist environment; but a tiled bathroom would also be moist so I am not sure that is the reason.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

Yes, normally grout sealer does seem to enhance the work out of you. If you use this type of sealer, I would use it about one to two times a week.

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