Question by  james76 (29)

Does Emerson make a good book for the beginner flute player?


Answer by  Josephdecker0 (48)

The Flute instruction series makes the best of theory, practice, and repitition. The Emerson approach to Flute instruction is utilized by schools all over America and private instructors. I am a multi-instrumentalist, and I have used Emerson manuals to attain knowledge, dexterity and theory education of my instruments from beginner to professional for over 20 years.


Answer by  MusicLover30 (279)

You can visit your either local music store, or even shop online any time you're considering making a purchase. The only thing I recommend is researching brands first, and price-checking.


Answer by  Amanduh97 (29)

Yes! I have one myself! I am currently on 2nd one, and they do everything from teaching you new notes and rhythms, how to mark your tempo, and how to play faster or slower. There is even a fingering chart in the back for reference!

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