Question by  jems50 (7)

Does Disney make globes?

How accurate would they be?


Answer by  mikki7200 (104)

If you are referring to water or snow globes yes they do make them. If you are referring to world globes they do not. They are not in the world globe making business.


Answer by  eluery (90)

Currently the Disney Store on-line sells a large range of snow globes. However I have found absolutely no evidence to show that Disney produces or ever produced traditional globes, with seas, countries etc.


Answer by  suetebrugge (5)

World globes? No. Beautiful snow globes? Yes. My daughter would love a Disney Princess Snow Globe on offer, or should I say her mom does... Imagine a Disney world globe though, Mickey mouse for the USA, the UK featured as Donald Duck. ..


Answer by  todayisgone (4)

I've never seen a world globe made by Disney. I know they make snow globes but I'm assuming that isn't what you are looking for.

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