Question by  anj (14)

When was the first globe-wernicke produced?

I need to know when the first globe-wernicke was produced.


Answer by  daveandrews (383)

The first Globe-Wernicke book case was produced in 1899 by the Globe-wernicke company. However the US started producing them for the military during the second world war with Germany. In the 1960s the company went in to administration and no longer produces any bookcases any more in europe and is part of a conglomerate in the US.


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

Globe-Wernicke made bookcases starting in 1899. They invented the rearrangeable bookcase, a bookcase that came in sections and could be set up in different heights and patterns.


Answer by  sfmike2000 (56)

The first Globe Wernicke bookcase was produced in 1899 by the Wernicke Company. During World War Two, the company turned its manufacturing toward materials that would assist in the war effort. Globe Wernicke bookcases are highly collected today.


Answer by  Anonymous

What is catalogue # 3313-B.G.D.-14 worth today? This is a Globe Wernicke model., finish is mahogany.

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