Question by  MrsEricson (57)

Does Canon still make 35mm cameras?

Who still makes the film?


Answer by  SamDesouza (67)

Canon no longer makes 35mm film cameras. They make 35mm cameras with digital sensors. They are called 'full frame' DSLR cameras and are quite expensive. Kodak, Fujifilm still make film.


Answer by  cashmang (112)

Yes Canon still makes a 35mm camera. Nikon has a few more models currently in production than Canon though. Kodak, Fuji and a number of other companies still produce 35mm film


Answer by  Photo (75)

Yes, definitely! I presume you are asking about film cameras, as their digital cameras are also considered 35mm in format. The only film camera in 35mm format they still make is the EOS 1V. I also recommend the Canon AE-1 if you want to buy a used camera.

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