Question by  tracyt (65)

Does bottled water go bad?


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

If bottled water is completely enclosed, then realistically, it will never go bad. Even tap water in the open air does not really go bad. What happens is there are minerals in the water and evaporation causes that mineral concentration to increase, thus causing a stale taste. Additionally, after time minerals can fall to the bottom of the container.


Answer by  imanticajon (130)

Yes it does, in fact it has an expiry date. Bottled, purified water still can contain small amounts of pathogens or bacteria. Place these bottles in areas conducive for bacteria to grow and you have a problem.


Answer by  bikergirl (65)

I work for a vending company and check expiration dates on all products. Bottled water does have an expiration date. I have drank it after this date and was fine.


Answer by  shil (171)

Yes. Bottled water goes bad. The micro organisms present in the atmosphere can very well get in to the bottled water even if it is tightly held.


Answer by  arpitbathma01 (262)

By increasing span of time. Many types of bacteria and viruses starts arising in the bottled water. The chances of this minimizes if the bottled water will be kept in a freezer, but it is only a temporary measure. After some days the viruses and bacterias starts adopting the bottled environment which is bad for health


Answer by  sundayReed (62)

Water goes bad because of sunlight. All forms of life grow cause of light so keep it in the dark


Answer by  georgekutty (173)

Yes the bottled water go bad. If it is purified water it will remain good. Other wise it will become dirty water after two three days. Cooling water by freezing will remain good. Also boild water will remain in the bottl good for some time. Use only boiled bottled water. It will not injure to our body.

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