Question by  vadge (13)

Does anyone shop and get anything good at discount clothing stores?

It seems like those places just have a bunch of junk. I have been short on cash lately and need to cut expenses, but I like to be somewhat fashionable.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

I have shopped at them and gotten the same name brands you get at the big chains for quite a bit less. I got a Bently dress for 7 dollars, instead of the 45 dollars they wanted else where. As you can see that is a huge saving for the same dress.


Answer by  kygoatlady (30)

Well, I find I can do just as well shopping at a consignment store or Goodwill for classic, timeless pieces which I can pair with simple tops or a sweater from various discount clothing stores. This allows me to stay "in style" without breaking the bank.


Answer by  cynimini79 (5)

Discount clothing stores are hit and miss, but when you find something you really like, it makes it all worth it!


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

Many times discount stores will imitate the popular fashions and have similar clothing for lower prices. Second hand stores are also discount stores, and lots of donations are fashionable clothing. A lot of these items are gently used, and some are new with the tags still on.

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