Question by  Raquel86 (8)

Does Alltel have a plan that includes unlimited text messaging?

I love to text.


Answer by  takeshi (432)

Yes, they do. But most of the plans are very expensive, and are paired with the unlimited phone calling service, making it extra expensive. Unless you send hundreds of texts every day, I would say the normal plan for a fixed price per text message will be enough for you.


Answer by  arunkutta (32)

Yes of-course Alltel do have a plan that includes unlimited text messaging.All that we have to do is to choose correct plan.The plan for unlimited text messaging is available for $89.99.This not only allows the user to communicate through text messaging locally,but also to else where in the Alltel serves as a good network for the subscribers.


Answer by  InquiringAli (89)

Not that I can see, the best way to get unlimited texting is to choose their additional fee for it.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

Yes, Alltel has a packages now that includes unlimited texting. I believe it is called My Circle Plan or something similar.

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