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Question by  rocky7795 (25)

Does a low white blood count indicate that I have Lupus?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

A low white blood count is not conclusive in a lupus diagnosis. If you have a low white blood count, that means you have lower disease fighting cells. Usually a low white blood count means only one type of cell is lower in number than usual. Your doctor can fill you in better about what's going on.


Answer by  apocalv (217)

no, the only way to determine that one has lupus is to do a antibody test to see if there are antibodies against DNA in your blood stream. low WBC is more a of a sign of ALL


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

Not necessarily, although it is a primary symptom of Lupus. A low count could also indicate infection (including AIDS). If you are worried about Lupus, go to a doctor and have other tests taken to confirm whether or not you have Lupus. Even if it's positive, Lupus is not a death sentence.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Usually if the white count in the blood is high it will make them check for lupus. You need to ask your doctor they would be able to tell you right away.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

A low white could indicate lupus along with many other things. Only a doctor could indicate exactly why there is a low white blood count.


Answer by  pillai (18)

Usually low white blood count is suggestive for Lupus (Systamatic Lupus Erythromatosis). A detailed diagonosis is reguired for Lupus analysis. If antinuclear antibodies are detected, a test for antibodies to double stranted DNA and test for other antibodies has to be checked. Low white blood count may be also due to infections by virus.


Answer by  Redav (231)

No, because Lupus diagnosis is based in other laboratory exams specific for Lupus like anti DNA, anti nuclear antibodies and a clinic hystory that fit to Lupus, and there are other causes for leukopenia like leucemia, AIDS, chronic infection, cancer treatment, etc.

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