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Question by  jamescruz (45)

Do you think that real estate market is moving forward to some good times ahead?


Answer by  Casey (22)

The real estate market will eventually improve after a period of adjustment. Homeowners will continue to want something different in the home in which they reside, whether it's smaller, larger, better, or in a different area. Renters, graduates, and fledglings will continue to dream and seek their own homes. Everyone has a dream -- real estate fits into that dream.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Eventually, but not any time soon. There are too many people being added to the unemployment rolls each month adn too many foreclosures still taking place. Short term governmental infusions will do more harm than good. Any good times will come in spite of the governmennt, not because of it.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Not very soon. I think the market became grossly overinflated in the past two decades. It is hard to sell at such high values. Why build when homes are available?


Answer by  Stephen (123)

The real estate market appears to be coming back to some degree. Recent reports of pending home sales and building permits indicate that there is increasing activity in residential real estate. Once the inventory of foreclosed homes has been depleted, there will be additional new home building, which is a good sign of a rebounding market.


Answer by  jamescruz (45)

Just call up the real estate market you are using and inform them about your intention to cancel the real estate listing.

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