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Question by  hotmess (22)

Do you think that aquariums and zoos are inhumane?


Answer by  Dyson (55)

I do not believe aquariums and zoos are inhumane. In most cases the natural environments of the wildlife is recreated or simulated and they are guaranteed to be fed and taken care of. The animals are treated fairly and they are often sent to wildlife preserves to live out their remaining years after living at the zoo.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Aquariums and zoos serve a logical and justifiable purpose in our society and therefore I do not think that they are inhumane. In addition to serving an entertainment purpose in our society, many zoos are involved in breeding programs to preserve genetic diversity in animals as well as rehabilation programs used to return animals to the wild.


Answer by  jdmjam09 (26)

Zoos and aquariums capture wildlife from their natural habitats and put them on display for humans to gawk at for the measly price of admission. These creatures are forced to live in "habitats" in places where they wouldn't normally exist. Have you ever seen an elephant cruising the streets in Columbus, Ohio?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Sometimes an aquarium or zoo can help save an animals life. I do not think they are inhumane as long as the animal has some freedom to move around. There is a monkey zoo in England that actually saves monkeys from ill treatment, some zoos have been able too keep a species becoming extinct.


Answer by  Anonymous


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