Question by  CrAiGjAcKsOn (28)

Is the use of epsom salts in fish aquariums okay?

I have heard a lot of people use epsom salts in their aquariums.


Answer by  SAlexander (31)

Yes, it's often used to treat fish constipation or treating dropsy, and is better than sodium chloride for these issues. Some fish need less salt than others.


Answer by  Vil (117)

Many aquarium hobbyists use a combination of epsom salt, baking soda, and salt in their aquariums to simulate the chemical components of natural lake water, with care taken in achieving proper levels of each component.


Answer by  itsme (24)

I wouldn't recommend it if you have freshwater aquarium. However, if you have a salt water aquarium I have heard of it being used to help with fish illnesses. I suppose it could help prevent them from having problems, but again I dont recommend it if you have a freshwater aquarium.


Answer by  gunrunnintrucker (20)

Epsom salt also known as magnesium sulfate may be used safely in diluted amounts as an aquarium plant food. It is also used as a treatment for fish suffering from constipation and bouts of dropsy with the common beleif that it helps fish to rid their bodies of any excess water buildup.


Answer by  javaman09 (180)

Epsom salts can be poisonous to fish and living items in an aquarium if the dosage is too high. It does help heal some freshwater fish diseases, but the best thing to do is to keep the aquarium clean.


Answer by  Egon (67)

Epsom salt in a fresh water fish tank is ok. This allows for some salinity in the water and helps the fish to breathe. Without some salt, the fish will have difficulty breathing.

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