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Question by  Josi (65)

Do you think it would be safe to eat vacuum packed meat that was left in a car overnight?


Answer by  bosco (18)

Yes. Anything vacuum packed is safe to eat as any bacteria or other organisms which require oxygen to survive will not live in such an environment regardless of temperature or time.


Answer by  matt25 (24)

If it was below 40 degrees and not in direct sunlight the entire duration the meat was left in the car it should be fine. If it was warmer than that I would not eat it, even though it was sealed bacteria can be present and multiply to unsafe levels.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I wouldn't eat anything left in the car overnight. The temperature of the car whether, cold or hot can cause the bacteria to grow and this something that we cannot see with the naked eye. Better safe then sorry.


Answer by  bamasbear (20)

There is not enough information provided to answer correctly. If meat is left in cold weather it would be fine whether cooked or not. If it is in the heat of summer and meat is uncooked then vacuum packing alone will not maintain integrity of meat.

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