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Question by  JamesOrly (44)

Do you still ovulate when in premenopause?

I am premenopausal and want to know if I still ovulate.


Answer by  pambam (892)

A woman can be in perimenopause up to ten years before the physical ceasing of her menses. This means that for most of the perimenopausal period, ovulation still occurs. This means as well that pregnancy can occur, resulting in what is sometimes called "a change of life baby. " Contraception should be continued.


Answer by  Katie75 (35)

You can still ovulate as long as it is still premenopause. You may not ovulate as regularly though. Your chances for pregnancy will also be diminished during this time. Your hormone levels will be changing which will cause the potential lack of ovulation some months.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Ovulation does occur when you are premenopausal, just not as often as it does when you are not in premenopause.


Answer by  worker31 (37)

During the perimeopause time frame, ovulation does still occur. The woman's periods may become lighter and farther apart during this time. It can occur at various ages, ranging from about 30 to 60. Usually menopause symptoms will be noticeable after the ovaries stop functioning. When a woman has went through menopause, she not longer has a period or ovulates.


Answer by  amarilla (2)

yes, you can. not as often and not as regularly then before, but you can get pregnant.


Answer by  legolasgirl4321 (37)

Yes, you will still ovulate when in premenopause. It will occurs less frequently as one gets closer to menopause, but you will still be able to ovulate, have periods and possibly become pregnant during that time.

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