Question by  danceur (210)

Do you like your wood-burning stove?

I want to know if it's a good alternative for the winter.


Answer by  yorick (28)

A wood-burning stove is an excellent alternative for the winter. The heat it produces is much nicer than central heating and to me there is a great satisfaction in collection fire wood as well. It also saves quite a lot of money compared to a gas or oil burning central heating system.


Answer by  babav (33)

Wood-burning stoves are excellent for older colder homes, I love mine because it really heats me up on those extra cold days, the whole family loves it in fact and we all sit around it nightly.


Answer by  julie44 (4)

No I do not like wood-burning stoves I believe that they are two of date. People are no longer interested in this style of cooking they like more modern things

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