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Question by  archaicx (40)

Do you like Leinenkugel's beer?


Answer by  TrulyHonest (123)

I love Leinenkugel beer. I am a huge fan of Blue Moon, but this one took its number one spot. To me, this beer has an after taste that is a lot like the cereal 'Fruit Loops'. I always ask the waiters at any bar, 'Do you carry that Fruit Loop beer?' The waiters always know what I'm talking about.


Answer by  brokensound21 (30)

Yes I do like this particular beer. It has a very rich and unique flavor for a lager. I don't usually like lagers but this one is pretty good. It goes down smoothly and doesn't leave an after taste like some other beers. They even have a wheat flavored beer.


Answer by  shadama (4)

Since I have never actually tried Leinenkugel's beer i couldn't say weather i like it or not. However since i like beer i could say that i probably would.


Answer by  srns (11)

No i don't like beer.because in our place drinking beer or any alcohol is considered as a bad habit.Also i am opposite to i don't like Leinenkugel's beer.

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