Question by  Lisa (23)

Do you have any advice for someone learning the eggbeater kick swimming backwards?

I'm learning synchronized swimming.


Answer by  smileram (22)

Position yourself vertically in the water, bent at the waist as if sitting in a chair. Bending at the knees, swivel both feet in circles opposite each other - just like the motion of an eggbeater. Your left foot should circle clockwise and your right foot counterclockwise. Hold both hands out in front of your body, with elbows bent


Answer by  chrisr (69)

My advice is to break it down into parts in order for you to get the maximum output from it yet it still looking graceful


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Continue to learn to hold your breath underwater for periods of time, and keep up your strength........ stamina and strength are two vital parts for the eggbeater kick swimming backwards and synchronized swimming in general.


Answer by  ritujain (234)

Be confident to what you are learning. Make water your friend,ask him to behave with you in such a manner that you never had to shout for a lifeguard.

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