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Question by  Cilindiary (27)

What's the best way to play a double kick pedal, with my heel up or my heel down?

I'm just learning how to play, and would like to know the proper technique and foot position.


Answer by  Ricky1 (11)

I'm not a drummer, but I've known quite a few, being a singer in 2 or 3 bands over the years. I've seen different preferences for this, so I don't think it's set in stone, but I've noticed that the best drummers seem to pick their heel up at least slightly during play.


Answer by  slybootz (24)

In heel-up, power comes from the thigh muscles and the ball of the foot hits the pedal. In contrast, heel-down uses force from your ankles. You're able to use a lot more power with heel-up rather than heel-down. Both heel-up and heel-down are acceptable ways to pedal the bass drum, but HEEL-UP is more commonly used, especially in rock music.

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