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Question by  mike45 (40)

Do they use titanium in a back fusion?

I need to know if titanium will be used in my back fusion.


Answer by  TinaMorrison (84)

Yes they do use titanium in back and neck fusions. They rods and screws that they use are titanium and seem to hold up better without further problems. Alot of people their bodies don't reject this material as badly as others.


Answer by  Lisa24 (34)

Many surgeons use titanium cages to stabilize your spine during surgery. Some times human bone plugs are used. It is very important that you ask this question of your surgeon as you should not enter into a back fusion without knowing what the intended surgery is. Medicine changes but one think remains questions are always welcomed by surgeons.


Answer by  karen (23)

Titanium rods, pins, plates, screws, and cages are used to stabilize fusions. Not all surgeons use them, but they do improve the success of, and recovery from the surgery.


Answer by  tshaw2 (45)

Titanium is used in a back fusion operation. Titanium is used for its strength and flexibility that the spine requires.

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