Question by  TimMullen (17)

Do they make Celebrex for dogs?

I think Celebrex is just what my dog needs.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are arthritis medications for animals. Talk to your vet. You might also consider Brewer's Yeast, which is known to reduce joint inflammation in dogs. Dosing is on the bottle.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

Some vets have actually been prescribing and using celebrex for dogs! There aren't established dosage levels for dogs, though, so a vet would be your best bet to talk about that. There are tons of arthritis meds for dogs out there, so I'm sure you'll find something that works!


Answer by  aussiegirl (711)

They make similar medication for dogs but do not use human med's. Speak to your vet, or try shark fin or sasha's blend. Glucosamine is also for joint pain.


Answer by  RandomHero (104)

Vets are using Celebrex to treat dogs. However, there has been no set dosage amount for dogs so consult your veterinarian before giving it to the dog.


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

If your dog is having problems with his joints or arthritis, give the dog a glucosamine formula containing green lipped or perna mussels. It works! Check your local pet store.


Answer by  doggielover43 (0)

Yes, actually, they do make Celebrex for dogs. A lot of time they give it to dogs to treat arthritis and allergies.

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