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Question by  kwhitaker (21)

Do they make additional Sims 2 clothing?

Can you change their clothes?


Answer by  lucky34 (50)

Yes you can change wardrobe. Also, you can buy expansion packs that offer more clothes, and there are some websites where people design their own style that you can download


Answer by  Lingie (28)

Yes. There are a large number of modification sites on the internet, including Maxis's main page, each with free and one time fee content. You can change your Sims's clothes in game easily using a Wardrobe or a Dresser purchased from the buy menus. You must also buy these new clothes in the downtown.


Answer by  Engaroth (39)

Yes, they do additional clothing. Whenever you install a patch, or download "sims content" from the website, you should check your sim's wardrobe: sometimes they add cool shirts or pants for you to use. Also, you can donwload extraofficial content (player-made) for The Sims 2 and for the expansions.


Answer by  sevorian (5)

Yes, additional clothing was made for The Sims 2. You can change their clothes by using in game options to change them.


Answer by  Tiberiu (65)

You can change their clothes in the game or in the sims creator.You can find additional clothing on the official sims site, but most of them costs money.

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