Question by  Krabi (112)

Do music stands work well as iPad stands?

I was thinking that those stands designed to hold sheet music for musicians might work well as an Apple iPad stand.


Answer by  udaipur (219)

Yes! Sheet music stands are perfect to hold your iPad. You can adjust the height and the angle which is perfect for any tablet computer.


Answer by  onecrore (196)

Great idea! You can get music stands that have a secondary shelf designed to hold violin bows or conductor's baton, but you can use it for pens, pencils and other small accessories.

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Answer by  quadratic (73)

Music stands are awesome as iPad stands... make sure you get one tall enough so you don't have to crouch down to operate the tablet.


Answer by  tschebyshev (252)

Music stands are great but keep in mind that the lip at the bottom of a music stand can be quite deep. If the lip gets in the way you can just put a spacer on the music stand (a book, or a sheet of styrofoam) behind your iPad.


Answer by  Sikkim (65)

What a fantastic idea to get people to stand more. Modern life is causing people to spend more and more of their lives sitting down and I think all this excessive sitting causes all sorts of back and neck problems.

Reply by DulceDeLeche (219):
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Answer by  HerpDerp95 (55)

Yes because it would hold perfectly in this situation. Ipad is designed so it can be kept in place by anything with a nice stand. Sheet music is roughly the same size as an Ipad so you should be good.


Answer by  chadley (5)

Yes. Sheet music stands are sturdy and have more than enough room on them for an iPad. The stands are also adjustable in height which will come in handy.


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

A metal music sheet holder may not be deep enough to hold an iPad which could lead it to falling off. A wooden lectern would be better.


Answer by  sivathanu (19)

I was thinking that those stands designed to hold sheet music for musicians might work well as an Apple i Pad stand,because generally the music stands and apple work as same format.


Answer by  John81 (154)

Perhaps if you find the right one. Two things to look for are the width of the bottom ledge where sheets rest and side lips. Try before you buy.

Reply by mangosteen (272):
I don't think that most music stands have anything on the sides... the musician needs to be able to easily turn the pages of the sheet music, so there is usually nothing on the sides to get in the way. Your point about the bottom ledge is good to consider.  add a comment
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