Question by  SRAJASEKAR (28)

Do Jews tithe?


Answer by  Tracey62 (316)

According to Moses and the prophets, jews are commanded by God to tithe. Tithing can be found all throughout the Old Testament. Abraham was the first to tithe. In Malachi 3, you will find that by not tithing, one is stealing from God and is therefore, cursed. Those who tithe are blessed by God.

Reply by pastortbone (22):
Abram did not tithe as you think of tithing on a specific time period or system. Abram gave a one time tithe - a tenth to a Priest name Melchizidek. He gave him a tenth of spoils of war, not on his own property, but from what he already had. Hebrews 7 clarifies this.  add a comment
Reply by pastortbone (22):
This Book is concerning the Israelites, opening verse 1 "The burden of the Lord to ISRAEL by Malichi."  add a comment

Answer by  Milette (1105)

Orthodox Jews do not tithe. Messianic Jews do tithe although not really in the same way as Christians. Messianic Jews do not give a tenth to the church as is common Christian practice but they give to needy people, groups or organizations. They give time as well as monetary gifts.

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