Question by  JimBill (22)

Do corn snakes make good pets?


Answer by  worker3738 (17)

Corn snakes are the best snake to buy beofre buying and other snake. They are basically a good beginner snake. They are very easy to take care of. They are easy to feed and love being held which is a good thing for the owner. No need to worry about being bitten because of their calm attitudes.


Answer by  Weasel (11)

For anyone who is interested in reptiles, corn snakes are very popular. The are widely considered one of the best snakes for a new reptile enthusiast.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Many people choose corn snakes as pets because they are easy to handle. You have to make sure that where you live allows such pets. These snakes don't grow too big but they are well known to be excellent at escaping their home so keep this in mind when selecting it's new home.


Answer by  worker3514 (51)

Corn snakes are good beginner snakes if you are interested in reptiles and appreciate their beauty and amazing adaptations. If you are looking for a pet that will give you love and affection however no snake is for you. They have specific care requirements, and finding a vet when they are sick can be difficult. Do your research first.


Answer by  Janette (46)

Corn snakes make excellent pets for beginners, as well as experienced owners. They come in a variety of colors, and typically are not as aggressive as other species.


Answer by  jimcwriting (219)

Corn snakes do make good pets because they are less likely to bite than other snakes. When eating prey, they constrict instead of biting.


Answer by  Toad20 (5)

Corn snakes make very good pets. They do not need to be cared for too much, and are easily kept in a cage, which needs cleaning once a week.


Answer by  Teaj (47)

Corn snakes make good pets because they have a nice temperament. They are both calm and docile and are easy snakes to breed.


Answer by  enkidu87 (130)

Yes, corn snakes make great pets. They are easy to manage, just need food and water regularly. They are generally friendly for snakes, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

Corn snakes do NOT make good pets. Snakes in general are not a good idea to keep around. In some cities it is illegal to keep a pet snake, I would recommend looking for another pet.

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