Question by  muffinx1 (232)

Does a small lizard make a good pet?

We need a small pet.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

Small lizards do make excellent pets and can be very educational as well. Lizards are kept in glass pet cages and it is advised that you have greenery, water bowl, a place (home) for them to hide when needed. Small lizards or any type lizard require a heat lamp for warmth as well. Lizards make great pets!


Answer by  maryanita (156)

Some species of lizards make better pets than others. Some can be trained, others need to be handled with care. You need to become informed and choose the lizard which best fits your needs. You want your lizard to be happy and safe.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

Well It depends on if you want a soft and fluffy pet or a cold pet. I dont think for a child they make a good pet


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

If you have an aquarium, a lizard would make an excellent pet. Your library can give you a book on setting up a lizard home.


Answer by  Csk5 (265)

Absolutely. They are fun to watch, easy to handle and are relatively easy to take care of. Make sure you have a heating pad underneath the cage for warmth.

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