Question by  abc49 (19)

Do small lizards make good pets?

My child wants a low maintenance but fun pet.


Answer by  Ally84 (26)

Yes, but you need to be sure you teach your child the correct way to handle a small animal if you plan to have it out of it's cage so the animal does not get hurt. They are fun to watch moving around and very interesting to watch them eat.


Answer by  sspugs (496)

Small lizards can make good pets. First, choose a captive lizard from a reputable breeder. A good starting lizard is the Leopard Gecko - it is small and easy to handle. It also does very well in a small tank and it doesn't need any special UV lighting. The Bearded Dragon is also a good one, but requires UV lighting.


Answer by  ShiaAgitos (12)

I dont think its a good pet.. in my opinion good pets are pets that can be loved (like dogs or cats) for low maintenance pet, how about hamster?


Answer by  jsn2006 (10)

Lizards are not low maintenance or fun. I would recommend a small mammal, such as a guinea pig, as a great pet for a child.


Answer by  dyingneko (199)

Well actually some lizards are very hideos so it is not the best per for games. But it is very interesting pet. It needs special care and some of them are really expensive. Also some of them can bite if you do not know how you need to act with them.

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