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Question by  Zarike (20)

Do baby molars come out over time?


Answer by  Shiji (128)

usually baby molars will come out in right time that is six to eight months onwards. if this is not happened better to consult a dentist.


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

Yes, the baby molars are the last of the teeth - usually - to come out. These occasionally have to be removed by a dentist so that the adult teeth can come in.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

If they are baby molars, they will come out eventually. Baby molars are too small for adults, and adult molars are important for proper growth. If the baby molars are still in when adult teeth are coming in, a dentist can remove them to make room for the adult molars.


Answer by  Mary15 (347)

Molars can come out-depends on the person and there is no given time or age at which they tend to fall out. Generally, most people do not actually lose their molars unless they are of old age or have to have a manual extraction of the wisdom tooth which causes discomfort in most people. The molars may not grow back.

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