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Question by  Siegfried (63)

How do you write a receipt for a car?

I am selling my car to my friend, and I don't want him to have any trouble getting a license plate and stuff.


Answer by  Adrian29 (547)

Type up a Paper that says "BILL OF SALE" then put this in. I ___ am selling my ___ vin #_____ to _____ for the sum of $_____. This is a complete and final transfer of ownership. Then put in seller and buy info at the bottom. He will still need the title though.


Answer by  Karthon (403)

The paper work needed to transfer ownership of a car changes from state to state. The most important part is an official deed with both your signatures on it. Also try going to the DMV together to see if there's any other paperwork to fill in for your state.


Answer by  turborotary91 (256)

generally speaking u will have to go with him to a notary and get the title changed out of ur name and into his/ so u would not need a reciept they would simply ask how much he got it from u him a favor and tell them $100


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

Your friend won't have any problems if you sign the title into his or her name and you do it in front of a notary.


Answer by  samisaysalways (50)

As far as i think first you have to write the name of seller n then the name of buyer and at last the price of a car.

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