Question by  tc25dreamer (180)

Do all women know in the same way that they are pregnant? How do they know?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

No. Believe it or not some women have no clue until very late into the pregnancy or until they give birth! The women who do know they are pregnant often can tell by changes in their bodies such as enlarged breasts, fatigue or morning sickness.


Answer by  Jane20 (61)

No, all women don't. Some women can go up to delivery and not know they are pregnant. It all depends on how much that person is in tune with their body. Some women know whenever they have missed their monthly cycles. You may hear some say they knew the night they conceived that they were pregnant. Others by testing.


Answer by  xela (349)

Absolutely not. Some women do not know until they have missed several periods and taken a few pregnancy tests. Some women "know" right away because of "heaviness" in the uterus. However, most early pregnancy symptoms resemble PMS and therefore are not conclusive.

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