Question by  salacishi (32)

Do all eye exam charts have the same letters in the same order?

Couldn't you just memorize it?


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

The chart is called the Snellen's chart and it has the standard same order of letters, usually good eye examiners point to the letters or make you read the letters on a certain line randomly to prevent people from cheating or memorizing the chart. Only lazy eye examiners just make you read whatever it is up there.


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

All eye exam charts are different. In fact, each office has multiple charts just so people cannot memorize them. It isn't beneficial if you cheat on an eye exam. Usually the large E at the top of the chart is universal, but lately they have even started to change that.


Answer by  renee (354)

I have worked for both an optometrist and an opthamologist and the charts have different letters. Although the Big E is always the same.

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