Question by  antgly (27)

Did composers Mozart and Haydn know each other?


Answer by  stephenk2010 (293)

Mozart and Haydn were though to have been very close friends, though their relationship did not have much mention. Though Haydn was a would-be mentor, Mozart was already well learned.


Answer by  Basssingerj (22)

While Haydn was already an established composer when Mozart was born, they were both from the same area of Europe. Mozart and Haydn soon became good friends.


Answer by  Anonymous

Mozart and Haydn were good friends; Haydn offered occassional advice to Mozart, however he didn't really teach Mozart as he was already a successful composer at the time. Mozart dedicated the 6 Haydn Quartets to him. Upon hearing of Mozart's death, Haydn was distraught and offered to teach Mozart's son.


Answer by  Michiel (83)

The composers Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did actually know each other. They actually met in 1782 and both admired each others works. Mozart dedicated six stringquartets too Haydn.


Answer by  stroodlej (125)

It is documented that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn were good friends and enjoyed eachother's company. It is thought that they may have met around 1783-1784 at a performance. It is also believed that Joseph Haydn was somewhat of a mentor to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was much older than Mozart and was more famous at the time.

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