Question by  Teacherspet (111)

Do you think Don Giovanni was Mozart's greatest opera?


Answer by  moggie (329)

Not really, I personally like the Magic Flute due to the Soprano Aria and the Marriage of Figaro because of the famous music motif "Fiiiigaro, Fiiiigaro..Figaro, Figaro, Fiiiiigaro!"


Answer by  iloveeating (181)

While Don Giovanni is certainly a masterpiece, I prefer The Marriage of Figaro; its music stands strong on its own and is very influential in opera.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

yes i do. Mozart was very talented and most of his operas were incredible but i believe Don Giovanni was his best work.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Don Giovanni was an AMAZING opera by Mozart. Pin pointing the "greatest" would be hard, because you cant forget about the magic flute.

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