Question by  worker42 (21)

Can you use Punnet squares with blood types?


Answer by  drpsycho (43)

yes, but you have to put two possibilities for the (A) and(B) types. as the (A) type may be (AA) Or (AO). and (B) type may be (BB) Or (BO).


Answer by  wennifred (597)

Yes, you can. Rh status and blood type can be done on the same set of squares or broken down into two sets. It must be remembered that O is just a lack of blood type, so a result of AO for example would actually be an A blood type.


Answer by  rayven8099 (199)

Punnet squares are often used to determine potential blood types of offspring in situations where the parents' genotypes are known.


Answer by  TrevinoL (22)

Yes, just use type A or B as the dominant and type O for the recessive trait for ABO types. For Rh type, + is dominant, - is recessive. Rh works like any dominant/recessive trait. When you build your Punnet square, the possible results are recessive (type O), dominant (A or B) or codominant (type AB).


Answer by  sanandraj (26)

Sure! In fact we use punnet squares to determine blood types. Genotypes are A, B, O. The genotype for blood group O is recessive. The possible allels for ex blood group A are AA or AO. For Blood group B, BB or BO. The blood group of the mother and father are used in a punnet square.


Answer by  jesmeg32 (48)

It works in a sense. It is almost impossible to know someone's exact blood type unless they are AB or O. A person with A blood could be Aa or Ao the same goes for B (Bb or Bo). AB is always AB and O is always OO. You could figure out possibilities keeping all these things in mind.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

Yes you can use a Pyunnet square for blood type inheritence. You just need to remember that O is recessive and that A and B are dominant. It also will not help with the other less relevant blood markers, but should help predict the possible blood type of two parents off spring.

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