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Question by  Anonymous

Can you troubleshoot my speedometer that registers inaccurate and erratic readings?

Speedometer registers inaccurate and erratic readings (70 mph at complete stop; 120 mph with movement, sometimes 0 mph with driving). This occurs suddenly and without warning, intermittently, but is becoming.


Answer by  iowatech (78)

this sounds like a problem internal to the cluster itself. 2003-2005 GM full size trucks have a special policy on IPC replacement due largely to this issue.


Answer by  Shirley277 (35)

You have to get this problem fixed as soon as possible by a mechanic if it is not your spedometer than its your engine idleing way to much.


Answer by  Mach (76)

I had this happen and the problem was cracked solder points on the motherboard inside the dashboard that had to be re-soldered to fix the cracks.


Answer by  Don73 (90)

Sounds like you will have to replace speedometer cable. I had a similat problem with a Camaro that I had and replacing it fixed the issue.

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