Question by  JoesMom (9)

Can you tell me how to get an Aquarius to marry you?


Answer by  lgk (2426)

I married one. Just be honest about everything. They really hate it when they do not know something and think it maybe a problem you won't let them help with.


Answer by  KarenH (212)

Most probably in the same way as any other person. Make him or her love you and want to spend with you the rest of his / her life. Show that marriage is not the end of their freedom and propose.


Answer by  mb (5482)

The signs of the zodiac are a Greek invention of antiquity. They also practiced slavery and animal sacrifice. Just ask the Aquarius to marry you, you have a 50% chance.


Answer by  Erie (103)

Appeal to his or her humanitarian side. These people love to help others. Expressing a common goal of helping the world will capture the Aquarius' heart.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Aquarians are unable to surrender themselves. You will have to be somewhat of a doormat to the person. They tend to be rigid in their ways and will want you to live on their terms. If you want to do that and show them you are willing, it might work.


Answer by  americhe53 (0)

Just be yourself. No games, manipulations, be respectful and show your man/woman that you are kind, compassionate, easy going, no yelling or screaming. No nagging, and have an independent life from him/her. Meaning when he/she is home be there for them, but also keep your hobbies and friends.


Answer by  Anonymous

Aquarians are hard to figure out - one minute they want to be with you and the next they 'hide' for a week.

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